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:: ค้นข่าว ทิป และ FAQ ::
Netscape Mail 6.x Configuration
Netscpae 6.0 Configuration

1. In Netscape 6.x Program, Click on Task -> Mail & Newsgroups

2. On Mail & Newsgroup Program, Click Edit -> Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings

3. Click on New Account button.

4. Select on ISP or email provider, then click Next button.

5. Input your name in Your Name box, and your E-mail address in E-mail Address box. Then click Next button

6. At Select the type of incoming server you are using, select POP3. At Server Name, specify your hostname (Ex. csloxinfo.com) Then click Next button
Hostname will be assigned at the first time that your account was created.

7. User Name, put only your user-id. Do not put your e-mail address. Then click Next button.

8. On Account Name, just click Next button.

9. On this page, it will show the conclusion of your setting. If anything is incorrect, please click Back button to correct it. Otherwise, click Finish button.

10. After finish setting, you can specify your SMTP server by select at "Outgoing Server (SMTP) ". And at Server Name , put mail.csloxinfo.com

11. When you click at Server Settings, you are allow to select at Leave messages on server if you would like to keep the message on ther server after receiving mail. . But you are not allowed to correct any other informations about your account setting.

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