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:: ค้นข่าว ทิป และ FAQ ::
Mac OS X Internet Setup
Mac OS X Internet Setup

1. Click on menu and select System Preferences and click on Network button.

2. On the Network windows,

  • Location : select Automatic
  • Configure : select Internal Modem
  • Under TCP/IP tab, at Configure, select Using PPP.
  • Domain Name Servers
  • Search Domains
    • csloxinfo.com
    • tnet.co.th

3. Click on PPP tab, put the following information.

  • Service Provider, put CSLoxInfo.
  • Telephone Number: put CS LoxInfo Internet Access Phone number. You can view CS LoxInfo Internet Phone numbers from http://www.csloxinfo.co.th/html/access.asp
  • Alternate Number: put another CS LoxInfo Access Phone number as a backup if the first number can not connect.
    Note. Calling within the same province is 3 Bath per call. Calling across the province within the same or different area code will be charged as long distance call. CS LoxInfo does not take any responsibility for any telephone charges.
  • Account Name: put your user-id@hostname.csloxinfo.com For example, john@csloxinfo.com where labura and john@csloxinfo.com are user-id and hostname respectively.
  • Password: put your password

To see more details about connection click on PPP Options.

4. On this Windows leave it as default. If you would like to use Terminal screen, make a check at Connect using a terminal window (command line), then click OK.

5. On the Proxies tab, leave all checks blank. then click on Modem tab

6. On Modem tab,

  • Sound : It will enable sound of your modem.
  • Dialing: It will enable phone signal type. Most of new telephone system will use Tone signal. If it is selected incorrect type of your phoneline it may cause the problem of line busy or some difficulty to connect to the Internet.

If all setting are correct, click Save to confirm the setting.


7. To connect to the Internet, Open MacHD (Mac Hard disk), then double click on Applications


8. Double click on Internet Connect

9. Click Connect button to dial to the Internet.


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