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Internet Setup by OS

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Other Internet Setup

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E-Mail Config

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:: ค้นข่าว ทิป และ FAQ ::
Mac OS X Mail Setup

1. Click on Mail icon on the task bar menu

2. Click on Mail ->Preferences

3. Click on Create Account to create new account setting.

4. On Account Information tab , put the following information.

  • Description : It should be the descriptive name which you will understand the information on this account. You may put CS Loxinfo as the Description of this account.
  • E-mail Address : Put your e-mail address. For example, labura@csloxinfo.com
  • Full Name : Put your full name or real name. In some case, you may put your company name here.
  • Host Name : Put your Mail server name, for example ,csloxinfo.com Note: the mail server, you will receive during online registration. If you are cooperate customer, put Host Name as pop3.<your domain name>
  • User Name : Put your user-id.
  • Password : Put your account passowrd.
  • SMTP Host : Put mail.csloxinfo.com as your SMTP server. If you are cooperate customer, put SMTP Host as smtp.<your domain name>
  • Leave blank at SMTP User and SMTP Password.


5. Click on Account Options

  • Enable this account : this option must be checked.
  • Delete messages on server after downloading : if this option is checked, all messages on the server will be deleted after downloading.
  • Connect to server using port : the port number specify here must be 110.
  • Other options can be used optionaly. If all settings are correct, click OK button.


6. Account : Show the Account setting which you have set above. You can create new account, edit configuration or remove that account.


7. Fonts & Colors : This option will set the message font and color when you read the messages.


8. This option is about how to manage the deleted messages in the mail box and how the message will be displayed on the screen.


9. This option is about setting of the composed message.

10. Signatures , it will use to manage the signature which will attach with the message which you will sent out. To create new signature click on Create Signature button.


11. At the Description : put a descriptive name which can refer to your signature. The box below Description, you must put the text which you would like to attach to all outgoing messages, then click OK.

12. On this page, you can create new signature, delete or modify an existing signature. If you have many signatures, you can specify which signature will be attached to the outgoing message by selecting at Select Signature.

13. At Rules, it will use to filter or separate incoming message with the specific conditions. To create new rule, click on Create Rule.

14. On this page, there are the optioins which you need to understand.

  • Description : Put the descriptive name for this rule.
  • Criteria :Select desire condition which you would like to do filter.
  • Action : Select appreciate action which you would like the filter to do.


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