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:: ค้นข่าว ทิป และ FAQ ::
Modem Configuration
Step 1. Click on Start -> Setting -> Control Panel


Step 2. Double Click on Phone and Modem Options


Step 3. You will see Dialing rules which is the same as Dialing Properties in Windows 95/98. At this step we will skip to Add new modem first. Click on "Modems" tab.


Step 4. At Modem tab Click "Add" button to add new modem


Step 5. If your modem is an external modem, make a check at "Don't detect my modem; I will select it from a list" then click "Next" button.

But if your modem is an internal modem, you should not make a check at "Don't detect my modem; I will select it from a list". You may let windows 2000 detect your internal modem and it should find your modem. Then you need to browse or locate the driver from a disk or CD from manufacturer, mostly Windows NT driver will work. Otherwise you may click here to see Hardware Compatibility for Windows 2000


Step 6. If you have a correct driver from your manufacturer. You may click Have Disk button and browse to CD or disk that contain driver. Otherwise you may try to use standard modem driver of Windows 2000 by selecting Manufacturers as and select modems Standard Modem Types as Standard 56000 bps V90 Modem, then Click Next button. Otherwise you have to click Have Disk to locate modem drivers CD-ROM or diskette receive from your manufacturer.


Step 7. Select the communication port which you connect to your modem, and click "Next" button.

Step 8. Click Finish button to end modem installation.



Step 9. Select on modem that you have just added then click "Properties" button


Step 10. On this window, you can see your modem properties. There are communication Port which your modem is connected, speaker volume , Maximum Port Speed, and Dial Control. Click on Diagnostics tab.


Step 11. On Diagnostics tab, click on Query Modem button


Step 12. If your modem is ready to use, you should see some kind of modem information. Then Click OK from all screens.

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