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:: ค้นข่าว ทิป และ FAQ ::
Windows CE : Setting up Dial-Up Networking

1. On Windows CE Desktop, click on Start menu, point to Programs.

2. Double click Communications.

3. Double click Remote Networking.

4. Double click Make New Connection.

5. Type a name for the connection as CS Loxinfo, then click Next.

6. Select a modem, enter Area code, Country code and telephone number, then TCP/IP Settings..

7. On TCP/IP setting dialog, making sure you have the setting looks like this, click OK
8. Click Finish on Dial-Up Networking dialog.

9. Now, the new CS Loxinfo icon was created.

Connecting to CS Loxinfo

1. Double click CSLOXINFO icon.

2. Enter your UserID in the form of user@csloxinfo.com Click Dial Properties, if you like to configure the prefix number.

3. The status "Opening Port" is now displayed.

4. Next, status changes to "Dialing".

5. The status changes to "User Authenticated".

6. Once the connection was successfully made, now the status change to "Connected" and the "Cancel" button changes to "Disconnect".

Browsing WWW

1. On the WindowsCE desktop, double click Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer icon.

2. Enter the URL address, for example "http://www.csloxinfo.com" then hit Enter.

Using Inbox (WindowsCE Internet mail)

1. On the Windows CE desktop, double click Inbox. The mail window appears.
2. Click Compose and Select Options.

3. The Options dialog appears, make sure the settings look like this.

4. Click Read. Make sure the settings are set like this.

5. Click Delete Items. Make sure the settings are set like this.

6. Click Service. Then click Add.

7. Enter Service Name as CSLOXINFO, then click OK.

8. Next, on Mail (Step 1 of 3), select CSLOXINFO as connection, enter your mail host User ID, password and your return (email) address.
9. Click Next.

10. Next, you can setup the connection setting as needed, then click Next.

11. Next, you can setup Connect and Transfer and Transfer limit as needed.
12. Click Finish.

13. Now, CSLOXINFO setting profile was created, click OK.

Checking for new Mail

1. Click Service menu and choose Connect (Ctrl + Q). The header of the messages appear.
2. If you see a message you are particularly interested in, highlight the message by clicking on it once, then click Service, Retrieve Full Text Copy.




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