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:: ค้นข่าว ทิป และ FAQ ::

Windows NT 3.x

Please note: The following instructions refer specifically to NT 3.51 Workstation. For NT 3.1, 3.5, 3.51 Server, and 4.0 may have some differences.

Setting Control Panel

  1. Go to Control panel
  2. Go to Network
    1. If "Remote Access Service" and "TCP/IP Protocol" are not installed use the "Add Software" function to install them.
    2. Highlight "Remote Access Service" and click Configure
    3. Click Network
    4. Only "TCP/IP" should be checked
    5. This may vary, especially if you contact other RAS sites that may use NET-BEUI or IPX
    6. Click OK

To setup your modem :

  1. Click Add and follow the steps on the screen to choose your COM port and modem

NOTE: the modem must be installed and ready for RAS to detect it.

  1. "Disable automatic restoration of network connections at logon" should be checked
  2. Click on Continue

Even though it seems that various fields should be filled in for TCP/IP configuration, it is not necessary. The information will be added in another place.

Add Remote Access Service

  1. Go to Remote Access Service
  2. Go to Remote Access
  3. Click on Add
    1. The Entry Name is CSLoxinfo
    2. Enter telephone number for CSLoxinfo's system
    3. No description is necessary, but it is useful if you have several entries in your phone book.
    4. Make sure the Port and Device areas are correct
    5. "Authenticate using current user name and password" should not be marked
  4. Click on Network
    1. "PPP" should be marked
    2. "TCP/IP" and "Request LCP extensions (RFE 1507) " should be chosen
  5. Click OK TCP/IP Settings
    1. "Sever assigned IP address" should be chosen
    2. "Use specific name server addresses" should be chosen
    3. Enter in the DNS field
    4. Enter in the alternate DNS field
    5. All other fields should be 0's
    6. "Use VJ header compression" and "Use default gateway on remote network" should be chosen
    7. Click OK
  6. Click OK again
  7. Click on Security
    1. "Accept any Authentication" should be chosen
    2. Nothing else should be chosen
    3. Click OK
  8. Click on Modem
    1. "Enable hardware flow control" and "Enable modem error control" should be chosen
    2. Make sure the modem information is correct for your modem
    3. Click OK
  9. Click OK again


  1. Go to Remote Access Service
  2. Click on Dial
  3. A dialog box will appear -- Enter you USER-ID and Password
  4. When your password is accepted, click on Done

You should now be connected and able to use your client applications

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