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Create Personal Homepage


1. Creating a homepage

You can used WS-FTP LE program, WS-FTP Pro  to make your own home directory. You just click on the "mkdir" button on the right hand side, then enter the name of directory as "homepage" (Directory homepage used for keep your HTML files and Images). On the remote site, you will see the directory "homepage" that u just made on the list. You can access it by addressing "http://host.loxinfo.co.th/~user-id" for all host name (Ex: http://lox1.loxinfo.co.th/~user-id")

2. Updating your homepage

After "homepage" directory was created under home directory. You have to create index file to be the first page. "index.html" will be created under "homepage" directory. The "homepage" is a directory that contains .html file and "index.html" is the first page of html or homepages file. No other names are allowed to be used instead of "homepage" and "index.html".
When you have logged on to your account FTP program, you are currently in home directory. To change to homepage directory, you just just click on the directory name on the list. Then you can upload your new *.html files to the directory. ( You should used the editor to create and update your *.html file) 

3. Writing a homepage on your machine and transferring to your account.

You can use any text editor to write your homepage or you can find HTML editor from the Internet You can save your HTML file as *.html if you are using Windows 95 and "*.htm" for Win3.1. After you have finished writing HTML, you can view it by using web browser.

You can use WS FTP to upload HTML file or any file type from your computer to your account. The following information is to be supplied for WS-FTP.

Profile Name : loxinfo
FTP Server : server.loxinfo.co.th (server=local server, for example,
lox1, lox2,ptty, etc.)
User Name : your user-id
Password : your password
Remote Host : homepage

4. Renaming your file

If you save your html file as *.htm extension and upload to your account. The *.htm file will not be recognized by the web browser so it is to be renamed to "*.html" extension. To rename HTML file using WS-FTP, when you have logged on to homepage directory, click on file name you want to rename and click on rename Button and type in a news name with .html extension.

5. Changing file permission to be accessed by others.

The permission will be change to be accessed by Loxinfo administrator. You would not to do that again. 


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