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tutorial/mssql.htm Untitled Document

HOW TO: setup Client Network Utility and Enterprise Manager to manage MSSQL database hosting

1. Go to Start->Programs->Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 and click on "Client Network Utility" to start the application. 2. The SQL Server Client Network Utility dialog box appears. In Default network library drop-down list, select TCP/IP. Then click Add. 3. In Add Network Library Configuration dialog box, type "" or "dbhosting.loxinfo.co.th" Then click OK. 4. Click OK to close SQL Server Client Network Utility dialog box. 5. Go to Start->Programs->Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 and click on "Enterprise Manager" 6. Right click the Microsoft SQL Servers and select New SQL Server Registration.... 7. In Register SQL Server Wizard dialog box, select "" or "dbhosting.loxinfo.co.th" as a SQL Server(In Step 3) Then click Add. Click Next to continue. 8. Select The SQL Server login information that was assigned to me by the system administrator. (SQL Servre authentication), then click Next to continue. 9. Type your username in Login name box and your password in Password box. Then click Next to continue. 10. Click Next to add the SQL Server to an existing SQL Server group. 10. Click Finish to finish the wizard. 11. Expand the Microsoft SQL Servers, and then the SQL Server tree. Now you can manage your database.

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