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Install and Connect

You can download WS-FTP LE here

After downloading and installing the program, you will see this screen when WS-FTP LE first starts up:

At this point enter "host.loxinfo.co.th" (Ex. bkk.loxinfo.co.th) for Host Name/Address, your User ID (login name), and your password. Check 'Save Password' if you don't want to type it in every time.

When everything is entered, hit OK. WS-FTP will then log you into your LOXINFO account (you'll need to be online first!). The screen you will next see will look something like that shown below :

The left-hand window has a list of files in a directory on your machine.
The right-hand window has a list of files in your directory on the Internet Alaska web server.
You will need to double-click on your ' homepage' folder on the right side.

WARNING: Any files you place in this homepage directory will be available for everyone to see that knows your address.

How To Upload files

IMPORTANT:  Your main page needs to be called 'index.html'.  If it is not, you will only see a listing of your files when you go to your homepage address

To upload a file from your computer to ours, select the file you want to upload on the left screen (hitting the green 'up-arrow' allows you to go up one directory) highlight it, and hit the right arrow key to transfer it over. You should then see the file listed on the right side.

How To Download files

Downloading is just the opposite. Select the file you want to download from the right and hit the left-hand arrow to move it to your local directory.

Updating your page

If you want to update a file, you can simply upload your modified file and it will overwrite any files previously on the server with the same name.

Deleting files

Just highlight the file you want to delete, and click on the Delete button.

Renaming files

Just highlight the file you want to rename, and click on the Rename button

  • You can upload or download more then one file at a time! Just hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard, and highlight as many files as you want. Then click on the transfer arrows to either upload or download all the files at once. You can also use the SHIFT key to select groups of adjoining file names (play with it a bit).
  • You can upload entire folders! Just highlight the folder and click on the transfer arrow. It's best to have 'Auto' set when sending groups of mixed HTML and picture files.

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